Sensei Masao Kawasoe, 8th Dan – Chief Instructor 0f  Japan Karate Association World Federation England whom we are affiliated to

Masao Kawasoe was born in 1945, his father was a Japanese businessman and he has two brothers. His parents stay in Kyushu in the south of Japan. Sensei   Kawasoe now  resides in London   and has done for over 19 years.  He began his martial arts training in judo and at the age of 15 saw a karate demonstration. This so impressed him he started looking to find a dojo to train. One of   his first instructors was the world famous Sensei Tysuama, who’s home was in the same town, Saga City. Training through his high school and then going to the  famous karate University of Takushoku, he continued to train with Sensei Tysuama

This training took the form of 6 days per week, 3 hours per day for 4 years. During this time he was spotted by the Japan Karate Association and invited to take full  time JKA instructors course under Sensei Nakayama. He successfully completed this over the next 3 years. Upon graduating as an international JKA  instructor, Sensei Nakayama said of him:

Through his mastery of karate basics he has come to reach a level few achieve, his technique inspires all who see it to strive for the ideals of Shotokan Karate.” High honour indeed from the head of the JKA. He then taught in Taiwan and Madagascar before coming to Britain in 1974. His dedication to tradition, quality and  manners is universally acknowledged, with few able to perform the physical demands he makes of himself. He has a world-wide following of senior students who have been with him and followed tradition by developing and teaching excellent Shotokan Karate. Long may this continue and, in his own words:  ” I am lucky to have good karate, but even more I am lucky to have good students to carry it forward. My wish is to leave something worthwhile behind for everyone. My life is then complete.” 

Sensei Roy Tomlin – 6th Dan JKA

Sensei Roy Tomlin MBE was born in London in 1955 and attended South East London Secondary School in Deptford. Sensei Roy was one of the late Sensei Enoeda’s senior students and served as a Committee Member and Instructor at Sensei Enoeda’s world famous Marshall Street Dojo, the HQ of the JKA in the UK up until it’s closure in 2000.

He began his karate career in 1972 when he trained in the Kyokushinkai style. In 1977 he progressed to train in the Shotokan style with the Thames Group, and in 1982 he joined the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB). In 2003 he joined JKA England, where he was the Head Coach for the England Squad, a member of Technical Committee and a Grading Examiner.

Sensei Roy is also Technical Advisor to JKA Malta since 1990 as per direct Instructions of Sensei Enoeda to develop the JKA way on this beautiful Island. 

Sensei Roy opened his own Dojo, Lewisham Shotokan Karate Centre in the Borough of Lewisham South East London in May 1983 and has been teaching in Lewisham continuously ever since. Sensei Roy is a well-known and popular figure in the community having taught generations of students. He is regularly stopped in the street by people who say “You used to teach me and my dad Karate when I was a kid”.

Sensei Roy still remembers every student and still teaches with the same passion with which he started 33 years ago. In the intervening period, Sensei Roy has achieved an impressive CV. Click here to view.

Sensei Ken Hori – 5th Dan JKA

Ken Sensei is the Chief Instructor and the founder of Cambridge Karate Dojo. Ken began training karate in 1987 with Cambridge University Karate Club under Eric Pich Sensei, with regular visits by Keinosuke Enoeda Sensei. From 2005 till 2019 Sensei Ken trained regularly with Ohta Sensei, the Chief Instructor of JKA England, at Oasis Shotokan Karate Club in London.

Sensei Ken competed in both kumite (fighting) and kata (set forms) until 2015. His achievements include both individual and team medals at BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Championships (for which he was awarded the Cambridge Full Blue in 2001), KUGB Central Regions, KUGB National Students, KUGB Nationals, JKAE Nationals, JKAE Shotokan Cup and Four Nations Championships. In 2012 Sensei Ken was the Men’s Individual Kata champion at both JKAE Nationals and JKAE Four Nations Championships.

Sensei Ken now referees at JKA competitions in England and Europe, and is found regularly translating for Japanese instructors at international courses both in England and Japan. Sensei Ken holds Instructor (B), Referee (B) and Examiner (C) JKA International Licences. He was also the JKAE national team Squad Coach with Sensei Roy as the Head Coach until 2019.

Through his regular training with Japanese instructors at Head Quarters, Sensei Ken’s aim is to bring traditional JKA karate taught at the Honbu Dojo in Japan, which he visits annually, to students in England.

When he is not teaching or training karate, Sensei Ken can be found lecturing MSc courses in Economics and Finance at Birkbeck, University of London. Click here to view Sensei Ken’s Karate CV